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Macarons: why do you hate me?

1 Sep

I had my second go at making macarons on the weekend. You know, those little perfect pillows with the eggshell crust and the cake-like interior. If you’ve had a look around the internet you’ll know that there’s about a million sites giving tips and tricks for the different methods (French or Italian meringue). While the Italian meringue method is apparently easier, I don’t have a candy thermometer and I’m not that excited about dipping my fingers in boiling sugar to test the temperature.

My first recipe called for soft peaks, which I have since found out is not the way to go. When it came to mixing in the almond meal and icing sugar the whole thing collapsed and the macarons ran into each other  when I piped them. They ended up like crunchy little pink pancakes, not remotely like the footed wonders I had envisaged.

The second batch I made this weekend were much better, but  the oven I was using down the coast must have been built in the 1920s because the only thing it knew how to do was grill. Grilled macarons = not good. Not only were they pancakes, but they were burnt on top to boot.

I’ve been looking after my sister’s chickens this week, so I’ve got  some spare eggs to give them another go this weekend. Third time’s the charm, I can feel it.

I’ll keep you posted.