About Amy

A bit about me.

I don’t talk much. And I laugh too loud. I have big hair. I love love. I love quiet nights that turn into 3 day benders. I’m messy. I like red wine. But I hate the grey teeth that come with it. I have a dreamy boyfriend. I’m fickle. I leave everything until the last minute. I like to think that I’m invincible. And I want to be something extraordinary. I love chai lattes that taste like christmas. I like beers and barbequeues on lazy Sundays. I like dad jokes. But I pretend that I don’t. I have a lot of dreams and not much money. I laugh at my own jokes. And sometimes other people do too. I am on a road to nowhere. And I am having fun travelling along it.

I love food. I love eating it. I love making it. I love talking about it and this is where I’m going to come to love writing about it.


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